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Polaris 5-Pack

List Price: $3,000.00

Polaris is a customizable Windows-based problem tracking and defect management tool that you can use to improve your software development process. You create the forms that allow you to keep track of the information you need as well as the users, groups, and signarture chains that drive the workflow process to correct a defect. Polaris can be used on its own, or as a seamlessly integrated component of Visual Studio.NET.

Basic Features

  • Issue / Problem Tracking - Software defects are tracked from the time of submittal until the problem has been corrected and each stage of the process is clearly documented.
  • Process and Workflow Management - You create the workflow states and the users that can promote an issue from one state to another.
  • Customizable - In addition to building your own forms, you can specify the choices that will appear in a field, as well as an icon to represent each field.
  • Visual Studio.NET Addin - Polaris is tightly integrated within Visual Studio.NET so that developers do not have to leave the environment in which they work to participate in the workflow process. This promotes acceptance of the process.
  • Links to your version control provider - Attach issues to files under version control so that you can trace how a problem was solved. Files can be checked in and checked out from within Polaris. Any provider, such as Razor, that supports the Microsoft SCC Interface can be used.



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