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Visible Analyst Student Edition and Data Modeler Professional Certification

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(Download Edition - 6 Month License)

Visible Analyst® Student Edition is bundled with more than a dozen textbooks and workbooks then distributed by a number of leading publishers. This "special" version of Visible Analyst will continue to be maintained and enhanced as a separate product with a unique goal of educating the future application development workforce. A network version, called the Visible Analyst University Edition is available to Colleges and Universities for installation in computer labs.

The Data Modeler Professional Certification comprises videos and a case study workshop that are delivered for self-study using the Visible eLearning web portal. Completion of the course is required to qualify as a Certified Business Data Modeler (CBDM). The Case Study Workshop applies the skills learned to a real-life problem. Your case study solution then becomes your exam solution, which we will subsequently assess for certification as a CBDM. Each course area includes many business examples, Course Exercises and Sample Solutions that are understood by all. The workshop is based on a real-life problem; each student can select a business area of the case study organization for detailed solution, based on the student's own experience and interests. This course area teaches business managers and their staff ("business experts") as well as analysts, data administrators and data base administrators ("IT experts") how to work together in a design partnership to develop a data model for their organization. This data model provides a blueprint of the data needed to support business processes, and the information needed by management for decision-making.



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