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Visible Developer Professional Edition
List Price: $2,995.00

Visible Developerâ„¢ gives you the flexibility and power to drive n-tier or web applications from data model to executable code in record time.

A software component design and code generator, Visible Developer generates 90+% of the business and database access logic for typical business applications. Import data models from existing databases or Visible Analyst into Visible Developer, then define your business objects using powerful and intuitive modeling features. Visible Developer's code patterns translate the model into robust, modular, well-documented code. You're not stuck the with "shell code" generated by UML-based tools.

Professional Edition Details:

  • VB6, ASP, VB.Net, C#, and ASP.NET code patterns.
  • User-defined code patterns.
  • Works as either a VB6 or Visual Studio.Net add-in.
  • Technical support and updates for 1 year.
  • Supports most relational databases.
  • Interface with Visible Analyst.
  • Muli-user version - can share repository with other developers.


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