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Visible Analyst Zachman Edition

List Price: $2995.00

Visible Analyst® Zachman Edition is a complete enterprise engineering tool with facilities for strategic planning, data modeling, object modeling and process modeling. It delivers superior capabilities to Enterprise Architects, Database Administrators, and Data Modelers at a lower price than any of its competition.

Key Features of Visible Analyst Zachman Edition

  • Multi-user concurrent access enables team collaboration.
  • Strategic Planning
  • IntelliViews™ - Visible's exclusive technology develops database view specifications as you are data modeling - tracking name changes to every location and formula in which they are used, eliminating errors as model evolves.
  • ERwin file import / export capabilities.
  • Smart Reverse Engineering - Reverse engineering analyzes legacy databases to find relationships not expressly defined to the database. Allows the tool to "infer" relationships where none is defined.
  • Object Browser - Allows easy navigation and manipulation of all entities, attributes and relationships in the repository.
  • Forward and reverse engineering through ODBC, direct connection or SQL DDL for virtually all databases.
  • Generates AS/400 DDS.
  • Web publish models (reports and diagrams) for sharing across the Internet with standard HTML and JPEG formats.
  • Supports on-the-fly denormalization of data models for better performing physical database designs (while preserving your logical business data model).
  • UML 2.x support
  • Technical support and updates for 1 year.


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